SG Series Spark Guards (custom sizes available)

For over 65 years, America’s homeowners have consistently made Pilgrim the number one choice for quality fireplace spark guards over all other brands combined. You can find Pilgrim spark guards trusted in your neighbor’s house and even the White House. All the frames within our SG Series consist of solid large diameter steel rods expertly welded to an extra heavy kick plate to provide rigid support. Our screen mesh is specially woven to ensure that no jagged edges are exposed and your home is safe from sparks and embers. All handles are securely bolted to the frame, (not the mesh) to allow for easy movement and tending of the fire. Finished in matte black with polished brass handles. Also available are simple matte black handle kits, sold separately. Pilgrim’s quality spark guards will add instant style, warmth and protection for your fireplace.

Available in Custom Sizes.(click here)

Pilgrim Original Design.
Lifetime Warranty.

Stock CodeSizeWeightFinish


38″W x 37″H 21 lbs Black


44″W x 43″H 24 lbs Black


50″W x 49″H 32 lbs Black


31″W x 31″H 15 lbs Black


39″W x 31″H 16 lbs Black


44″W x 30″H 17 lbs Black


44″W x 33″H 18 lbs Black


50″W x 33″H 18 lbs Black