Andiron – Fireplace andirons are not only beautiful, but also practical. This fireplace accessory will add beauty and functionality to your hearth. Fireplace andirons can be used in place of a fireplace grate. More commonly, fireplace andirons are used in addition to a fireplace grate.

Bellow – A fireplace bellow is both decorative and useful. Bellows draw in air through a hole in the bottom and force it out through a nozzle. This eliminates the need to blow directly into a fire, thus reducing the risks for burns. They also add a lovely finishing touch to a fireplace.

Damper –The fireplace damper is found in the throat of a masonry chimney, directly above the firebox. Both wood burning and gas fireplaces use a damper. The damper needs to be closed when the fireplace is not in use to keep heat from escaping up the chimney.

Damper Pull – Damper hooks or pulls are a practical and decorative fireplace accessory. Use the hook to open the damper, and then hang it from a fire stool stand, mantel, or screen to serve as a reminder that the damper is open. When closing the damper, leave the hook hanging from the damper handle as a warning that the damper is closed. This is great way to avoid filling the house with smoke.

Fender –Fireplace fenders have been used as to deter people from getting too close to a fire. This safety device, commonly used in houses with children, is also a beautiful decoration. Fireplace fenders are available in several designs and add beauty to your hearth.

Fireback –A cast iron fireback protects your fireplace’s back wall and reflects heat back into the home. This piece is the secret to a well-appointed hearth. Historically, the fireback was a centerpiece of the hearth and home.

Fireplace Log Holder – A fireplace log holder will temporarily store wood to be placed in the fire. This accessory is not only practical, but also a beautiful decorative accent. These log holders can also store newspaper and other fireplace essentials.

Fireplace Screen –The fireplace screen offers functionality and design. Decorative fireplace screens can be used year-round, and can be found in almost any design imaginable. A fireplace screen protects your home from flying sparks, hot ash, and logs, which could possibly escape the fireplace and cause damage to your home.

Gas Logs –Modern advancements have made gas logs appear very realistic. Today’s designs must be studied closely to determine that they are not real. Gas logs are an easy way to create a cozy environment without the cleaning and maintenance of a wood fire.

Hearth Rug – A hearth rug is a safety-conscious decision. Hearth rugs are non-flammable. When placed in front of your hearth, they prevent fires and damage to your carpet or wood floors.

Log Carrier –The canvas or leather fireplace log carrier is used to carry logs indoors cleanly and efficiently. If used with a log rack, a carrier can store wood or newspaper for later use.

Log Grate –A fireplace log grate holds the wood inside the fireplace. A log grate stands inside the firebox and is an essential part of every wood-burning fireplace.

Log Rack – The fireplace log rack is both practical and decorative. Log racks temporarily store wood, tools and newspaper.

Log Tote – A fireplace log tote is a practical device for transporting logs.

Tool Set – The fireplace tool set is an essential accessory that is often overlooked. When handling a fire, it is important to use an approved set of tools to ensure safety. A tool set can also add an attractive decorative element to any fireplace.

Wood Basket –A fireplace wood basket is a decorative log holder designed for indoor use. Due to their design, wood baskets are not used to carry wood. These pieces can be used to hold newspaper, kindling, and other fireplace accessories.

General Fireplace Safety Guidelines

Traditional Metal Fireplace Screens and Spark Guards.

We are all taught from a young age that we should always exercise caution and common sense when interacting with fire: a hot kitchen stove, wood stove, grills or open flames. We want to remind all customers who use our popular fireplace screens that the metal frames may become warm or hot to the touch during use and may stay hot to the touch for up to 60 minutes after enjoying a fire in your fireplace.

Important Safeguards

To reduce risk of burn injury or property damage when using a fireplace screen, basic safety precautions should always be followed, including the following:
• Choose the right screen for your application. If you need access to the fire for tending, we recommend using a fire screen with doors.
• Before using your screen ensure all handles and legs a securely fastened to the screen if applicable.
• Do not touch hot surfaces with bare hands. Screen components may become hot to the touch during and after use.
• If you need to move the fireplace screen or open the screen doors to tend the fire, use protective fireplace gloves to avoid risk of burns or injury.
• Close supervision of children and guests is necessary when any fireplace is in operation.
• Do not allow children to play on or near a fireplace or screen – even when not in use.
• Keep all combustible materials at least 36 inches away from the fireplace opening.
• All ashes and coals should be put in a metal container with a metal lid. Place the container on a non-combustible surface and let the hot coals and ash cool for 7 days before disposing.

By following these simple safeguards and good common sense regarding fireplace safety, you will have many years of enjoyment around the hearth. Thank you for letting Pilgrim be part of your home.