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The best quality fireplace screens and covers can be found here. Discover America’s best-selling fireplace screens for both standard and custom sizes.

Fireplace Screens

When it comes to fireplace screens, put your trust with Pilgrim Home and Hearth. America's favorite fireplaces screens for 65 years. Lifetime Guarantee. We are the most trusted manufacturer of fireplace products and home décor and accessories in the country. Whether you're looking for small fireplace screens or something bigger, classic designs or modern statement pieces including fireplace screens with doors for the wood burning enthusiast, you can trust Pilgrim to provide you with the perfect quality fireplace screen to fit your style and your budget

Modern Fireplace Screens

The best fireplace screens are those that fit your specifications, from size, color, style and design, we have you covered! Our wide selection of small, medium and large fireplace screens designed with safety, comfort, and style, in mind. From traditional to luxury fireplace screens we have the best on the market.

If you're looking for fireplace screens with doors, a popular style is the Pilgrim FGND line of fireplace screens which are all original Pilgrim designs. These FGN series contemporary and classic fireplace screens come in many standard sizes and are also available in our custom size made-to-measure program. FGND operable doors screens or FGN flat screens allows you to choose a lifetime guaranteed screen with or without doors.

Whether it's an iron fireplace screen, a panel fireplace screen, a fireplace door or a combination of both, there's no better place to discover for what you need than right here.

Fireplace screens near me

The best quality fireplace screens and covers can be found here. Discover Americas’ best-selling fireplace screens for both standard and custom sizes. Pilgrim has over 750 independent specialty dealers and distributors across North America, and we also ship to Japan, Australia, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, and several other EU countries.

If you are looking for fireplace screens for sale our retailers have small fireplace screens or large custom screen in contemporary, modern or classic styles. From wrought iron fireplace screens to stainless steel or brass designs a Pilgrim dealer will service happily assist you with your purchase. Search our store locator to buy a Pilgrim fireplace accessory near you.

Do you have something more specific in mind? We accommodate custom orders as well! Let us build the perfect custom screen to fit your style and budget! Tell us what you need, show us your design, share your ideas, and let's discuss your custom screen. At Pilgrim Home and Hearth, customizing your own fireplace screen has never been easier! Many of our most popular screens can be made to a custom size so you can easily get a custom fireplace screen that matches the look and style of your fireplace or one that blends perfectly with your interior décor, from classic to contemporary. Send us an email at so we can get started on your custom request.